How does Membership provide direct benefit to you?

As we learn about your areas of interest, we will connect you to the people, programs or products in our association that best address them. Members offer three ways in which it has benefited them – and can benefit you.

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Make Connections: Benefit from the experience of others
As a member, you’ll connect with other members who have already learned how to overcome many of the challenges you face. You’ll find them willing to share their experience – at events, online, and in print. Members founded our association with the belief that mutual sharing of ideas was the greatest benefit…and that continues today. Membership affords you access to these valuable connections.

Advance Your Expertise: Benefit from information transformed into knowledge
As a member, you’ll participate in a wide range of learning opportunities enriched by relating theory to practice. Information offers facts and figures. But information put in proper context becomes knowledge. And that is essential to your effectiveness. We provide ways for you to explore the context and impact of quality information in your practice setting….and as a result gain an unparalleled level of knowledge.

Secure the Profession: Benefit from the advocacy that protects your future
As a member, you’ll become aware of the critical issues affecting you today... and tomorrow. Our focus is clear... protecting your interests within the profession and your concerns about patient care. Our success is dependent on how well we’re viewed by legislators, regulators ands other key audiences as the “voice” of the profession. Your membership helps in two ways: (1) helping us learn about the obstacles inhibiting your ability to practice and (2) demonstrating to others that we are a united profession serious about achieving positive change. We can proceed without you.. but will gain in strength with you.

Why Now?

Why not now? Membership gives you unusual access to a remarkable community of professionals. It provides a pathway to achieve your professional goals. It offers a lifetime of connections generating an endless array of solutions.  And finally, it guarantees learning new and better ways to provide quality patient care and education. Membership is for pharmacy professionals who...
     - are committed to delivering quality patient care and education.
     - believe that maintaining their professional competence and expertise is essential.
     - want to experience remarkable and worthwhile individual and collective opportunities.

Wherever you are in your career, you will benefit many times over. It’s our guarantee. Members are citizens in our community and ambassadors for our profession.


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