Online Pharmacy Law/Quality Assurance Course

This course is meant to give home study law credit to any pharmacist wanting to learn about quality assurance strategies and Connecticut’s pharmacy laws.  This course can be used for reciprocity into Connecticut or those who want an update on Pharmacy Law and Quality Assurance.  Students must follow the two week course schedule.  Online discussion boards and instructor monitoring and interaction keep you on track throughout the course.  Tests and quizzes track your progress (you must receive a 70% or higher to pass this course and get credit).

This course is offered the first two full weeks of every month.  The registration deadline is the Thursday before each monthly course starts.  Fill out the registration form below to sign up for next month’s program.  This course is accredited by ACPE for 15 hours of home study law education.  Partial credit will not be awarded.  You must finish the course in the two weeks allowed during the month you started.

Learning Objectives for this Course
Upon completion the student will be able to:

  • Explain all laws pertaining to prescription processing of non-controlled and controlled substances and the record-keeping of those substances.
  • Compare laws pertaining to pharmacists' supervision of interns, technicians and temporary pharmacists.
  • Identify the duties and limitations of the technicians.
  • Explain the ethics of filling prescriptions and confidentiality with regard to HIPAA
  • Explain the requirements of OBRA and who is allowed to counsel or make the offer to counsel.
  • Explain the definition of a prescription error and the types of prescription errors.
  • Identify examples of sound-alike / look-alike drugs, confirmation bias and other issues impacting error prevention. 
  • Explain the FDA and USP Medwatch Error Reports.
  • Identify ways of handling a prescription error.
  • Develop a quality assurance program for error prevention and reporting.

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